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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions by our customers answered by our Lapland Holiday experts. We always try to give the best information before you travel.

Where is Lapland?

Lapland is not actually a country in itself,it is a region located predominately in the Arctic Circle - taking in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and also part of Russia. The holidays on our site will take you to where Father Christmas lives - that is Finnish Lapland. The time is 2 hours ahead of the UK.

What is the Currency?

The currency is the Euro,

How much daylight will there be in December?

Through December there are four to five hours of daylight hours on average, between the hours of 1000 and 1430.

Snow ensures a good level of reflection which makes it possible to see where you are walking. The darkness adds to the magical setting of your surroundings and this is emphasised by using the natural light of fires and outdoor candles (where appropriate).

We do recommend taking a torch.


Is a visa required?

No visas are required if you are a citizen of the Schengen area. Lapland is part of Finland, Norway and Sweden.
For citizens outside the Schengen area visiting Finnish Lapland please check here –

Finland Visa information

For citizens outside the Schengen area visiting Swedish Lapland please check here -

What are the passport & health requirements?

We would always recommend checking your own individual situation, however this can be used as a rough guide:-
For British/Irish citizens a full 10 year passport is required for entry into Finland (5 year passport for children, when not included in accompanying parent's passport). Holders of other passport types should seek advice from the nearest Finnish Embassy. Passport should be valid for at least 6 months following the return date from Finland. When travelling overseas it is important to advise your doctor of your destination and secure the latest professional advice as to any precautions that may be necessary.

UK Tourist Office
Finnish Tourist Board
P.O. Box 33213
London, W6 8JX
tel: +44 20 8600 5680

Embassy of Finland
38 Chesham Place
London, SW1X 8HW
tel: +44 20 7838 6200
fax: +44 20 7838 9703
hours: 0900-1200 (Mon-Fri)

Is there skiing in Lapland?

Cross country & downhill skiing is accessible for experienced skiers on 3 or 4 night visits, though limited leisure time will make this difficult for beginners to take a course.

Is English spoken?

Yes Most people speak English

Letters to Santa

As parents know a letter to Santa is an essential piece of the kit when it comes to the mystery of Christmas and Santa. We will advise which trips operate a 'Smuggle' or a 'Naughty and Nice' list at the time of booking. It will also feature in the appropriate trip descriptions. We no longer require you to send them to us.  

Are the tours suitable for single parents?

Our Lapland tours are family-friendly and this, of course, includes one-parent families.

Are the tours suitable for infants (children under 2 years)?

Due to the extreme weather conditions in Lapland we strongly recommend that you do not take infants under 2 on our lapland holidays including day breaks - a great deal of time may be spent outside in extreme arctic conditions.

Is the trip suitable for disabled or severely ill visitors?

Finland is a more accessible country than most in this regard, and we have successfully supplied holidays to people suffering from a range of severe disorders on our trips to Lapland, but please note that we do strongly recommend that specialist carers who are experienced in providing expert help (lifting, etc) accompany any disabled travellers. Certain resorts are more suitable than others for physically challenged visitors and you are advised to discuss your needs with our staff before making a reservation.
Additionally you must complete and return to us a checklist prepared by ABTA that fully informs us of your needs.

Group travel

If you want to enjoy a day break or short break to Santa's Lapland in a large party, we have some great deals for group bookings. Telephone us about our generous group booking discounts! In addition, we have great accommodation options that are ideally suited to larger parties.

What insurance do I require?

Please note it is essential that your insurance policy covers you for ‘winter sports' if you are doing any activities such as Skiing, Snowmobiling etc - please ask our staff to clarify this if you are unsure!

How long is the flight?

Approximately 31/2 hours depending on which airport you are flying from.

How much luggage can I take with me?

If you are on a day trip to Lapland then you can only take hand luggage with you (5kg). If you have young children and are carrying things for them as well, try to be sensible about what you bring with you. For those on short breaks, the limit varies from airline to airline  but the standard is 15 - 22kg and you should always check with the airline before travel. Airline checked in baggage allowances:

Enterair 20kgs
Small Planet 20kgs
Easyjet 20kgs
Tui 15kgs
Jet2 22kgs
BA 20kgs
Aer Lingus 20kgs

Baggage allowances are correct as at 14 Dec 2016 and should be used only as a guideline.

Are meals on the plane included?

Day trips - meals are included.

Overnight Stays - Meals are only included with certain operators. Please check with our staff when booking.

Can I prebook seats?

All flights are chartered and where possible will apply a family seating policy to ensure as many full families are seated together as possible. No child will be sat without a parent.

Check In

Online or twilight check in is not available. Most airlines operate a family seating policy i.e. seating families together.

Where is Lapland?

Lapland is actually not a country in itself, it is a region located predominately in the Arctic Circle - in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and also part of Russia. The holidays with in our site will take you to where Father Christmas lives - that is Finnish Lapland. People there speak Finnish with each other, but many people can speak English. The time is 2 hours ahead of the UK.

When will I receive my tickets

7 - 10 days before departure.

Linking Bookings

Whilst operators will endeavour to put both parties on the same transfers and excursions, unfortunately
the operators are unable to guarantee this.

Who are Santa Claus Trips?

 Santa Claus Trips is a trading name of Stewart Travel Ltd ABTA P8129


Most trips will provide you with a thermal suit and boots for the duration of your stay. Our staff will confirm this for you while booking.

  • Take lots of extra gloves, socks and scarves.
  • Thermal underwear, long sleeve vests and long johns are recommended.
  • Wear lots of thin loose fitting layers so you can add or remove layers as required.
  • Wear thermal boots.
  • Wear a pair of thin gloves under a thicker pair.
  • Hot pads, which you insert into your gloves and boots, are also useful protection against the cold.

If you are not provided with boots, you must come equipped with thermal or decent walking boots - neither trainers nor wellingtons are sufficient. For a more information on clothing, plase visit our 'What to Wear' section of the site.

Is it like visiting an Amusement Park?

Most certainly not!! If you are seeking commercialisation, lots of artificial electric lighting, these are not the tours for you. Everything is kept as natural as possible. Lighting for example, is by fire and candle, and activity programmes where possible are not at tourist centres.

Will we find Santa Claus?

We all know that the real Father Christmas, though busy, has all the time in the world for children. We are sure to find Santa, but only where - that is the question!

Will I have the chance to buy some souvenirs?


Do I have to tip?

Service charges are normally added to restaurant bills, if so tips are not necessary. Tips are not required for taxis

What is the Electrical Voltage?

220V AC 50Hz
Standard European 2 prong travel adapter is required

What are the rules on drinking?

Alcohol is freely available in restaurants and bars. Very strict laws against drinking and driving apply. The minimum drinking age is 18 years (wines & liquers), 20 years (strong spirits)

What is the dress code for Gala Dinners?

Where a Gala Dinner is included in your trip, how you dress is up to you but bear in mind that there is normally a fireworks display afterwards so warm clothing is advised. Although some like to dress up for the occasion, generally casual wear is the norm.

Caring for your cameras / videos

Keep your camera warm when outdoors (inside pocket with heat pad) and take a spare battery. If you have been outdoors for a pronged amount of time, when you come in, leave your camera in your coat / bag and allow it to heat up naturally to avoid condensation. Tissues to clean the lens.

What is the local food like?

Lapland cuisine is very much based on local produce due to its location and is fairly basic – potatoes, home-made soups, stew, fish, vegetables, chicken nuggets for children, berry juice, hot chocolate are some examples. If staying in accommodation with cooking facilities, you can take your own food with you (packed in hold luggage).

Special Offers....

Terms & Conditions apply to all special offers & discounts offered which are generally not combinable. Please ask for details

How do we get our prices?

The prices featured on are based on the lead-in brochure price and may require  full occupancy of the accommodation. To obtain an accurate cost including any special offers please call 0800 091 4139 or send an enquiry via the enquiry form. Room prices are normally based on a minimum of 2 adults share

Do all children qualify for a discount?

For all operators, there has to be a minimum of 2 adults (full paying) travelling before a child price applies. For some operators there is a 3 adults (full paying) minimum. Your Santa expert will let you know what discount applies.

Which Tour Companies do we use?

At Santa Claus Trips we only use Tour Operators that are both ABTA and ATOL Protected such as Canterbury Travel, Transun, Santa's Lapland, Tui & Inghams Travel.
SantaClausTrips (part of Stewart Travel Group)  act as retail agents for ATOL Holders for all trips to Lapland

How do I qualify for a free child place?

Places are limited and subject to availability.

General rule of thumb for day trips:-
1 Free Child when traveling with three full brochure priced paying passengers.
There is only ever 1 Free place per booking.

Overnight trips are slightly different. They will require a minimum number of passengers to qualify and it is advisable to call for the latest availability and details.

You will always find that terms and conditions will apply to any such special offers and its best to ask our Lapland experts for full details.

Is our online pricing accurate?

Our online price may vary from time to time as special offers and operators change prices all the time. Please only use it as a rough indication of cost. Its always best for you to send us your enquiry regardless of the online price as we will always e-mail and call you with the most up-to-date prices and special offers.

ABTA and ATOL details

We are a Member of ABTA which means you have the benefit of ABTA's assistance and Code of Conduct. Many of the travel arrangements that we sell are protected in case of the financial failure of the travel company. Please ask us about the protection that applies to your booking.

Where does our trip information come from?

All the trip information and pictures are taken with permission from our relevant tour operators. 
(Transun, Inghams, Santas Lapland, Thomson (TUI), Newmarket and to the best of our knowledge is correct. This information can change with out notice and is only a guide. 

Where do we get our facts, figures and details from?

We source our facts, figures and details from, tour operators,, and various tourist information websites. These can change at any time and are only a guide. Hotel Descriptions are sourced from tour operators, hotel websites, tourist boards and various other information sources - these too can change at any time but are correct at time of entry to the site. Tour operator ratings and star ratings are not always the same and vary country on country - operator to operator - hotel to hotel. They may represent the facilites and not the quality of the hotel.

Will we see the Northern Lights

It's all dependent on the weather and atmospheric conditions but you stand a great chance of see them. Brian, one of our Santa Experts has downloaded a couple of apps about the Northern Lights which may be of interest to you.


My Aurora

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