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Best Lapland Holidays

One of the many questions we get asked about Lapland is – what is the best lapland holiday for my family? What everyone is looking for is different, so here are our thoughts…

Lapland Day Trips

As the name suggests these are Lapland trips for the day. The flights leave early in the morning and come back late afternoon / evening. You will find that this is a fairly hectic day as the operators try to offer as much as possible.

Lapland Overnight Breaks:

You can have a Lapland holiday from 2 nights to 7 nights. Obviously, the longer you stay, the more experiences you can have. Strangely, on quite a number of occasions, we have found that it is cheaper to travel for a longer time. The most popular durations tend to be for 2 - 4 nights.

What is the best Lapland accommodation:

There is a huge variety of accommodation available. 

Apartments: If you like the idea of self-catering, there are plenty of apartments. A lot of the apartments will also offer dining options taken nearby. 
Hotels: There are plenty of hotels available. Some are basic, some come with swimming pools, some in the centre of everything, some on the outskirts. There are bed and breakfast, half board and full board options available. There are basic rooms all the way up to suites.
Log cabins: There is nothing quite like waking up in your own fairy tale cabin which is covered in snow and sits in a forest. We have a range of cabins which can accommodate from 3 to 8 people.
Glass Villas / Igloos: A fairly new occurrence is being able to stay in a glass villa or igloo. With huge panes of glass, you can sit in comfort while watching for the incredible Northern Lights or just taking in the snow-covered countryside. 

So, what is the best Lapland Holiday? Our Lapland experts will help you decide, just give us a call.


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