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We are very pleased to be able to give our customers the trip of a lifetime according to their wishes, and we are also very interested to hear how anyone got on in Santa's homeland, once they return home! Please email us if you would be interested in sharing your experience with others. We are very grateful to our clients who submitted the following testimonials

A Fantastic Trip!

Just to say what a fantastic trip! The Davi Arctic Star staff were very friendly and the activities were fun despite the falling into the snow. We were lucky to see the Northern Lights on four nights and iridescent clouds on some days. The optional trip to the Ice Hotel was extremely enjoyable and the journey there and back stunning.
Thanks for all the helpful hints
Liz Williams

Liz Williams

Winter Wonderland - 'It was a really special day'

Just a quick note to say we had an absolutely amazing day yesterday on our day trip from Bournemouth to Enontekio. I had read some dodgy reviews so was a little apprehensive about some parts of the day but right from collecting our suits, all the way to seeing Santa, it was perfect.

We felt very unhurried the whole day, and our rep 'Shanta' was a really great addition to the day. She was superb with the kids right to the end when we were all exhausted! It was a really special day.

Thank you again and Merry Christmas! Xx

Louisa Morgan

Louisa Morgan

What a day and such lovely people all round.

Dear Debbie

We had a great time on our trip and would like to thank you for all your help and the company for such a wonderful time.

Everything went well from boarding at Liverpool to our return.

The organisation was fantastic; we were never organised but were guided throughout the day in a non-invasive way. We did what we want and were given the opportunity to do lots; many never experienced before.

What a day and such lovely people all round.

Thank you.

Best wishes

Ray Hirons

Ray Hirons

Our Dreams Came True

Dear Caitlin 

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help, in making one enormous dream 
come true.  My Son (10 yrs old) had an amazing Christmas with the present to Finland. 
Not only did we have an incredible time on the various events, I fulfilled a dream of a life time, to celebrate my 50th Birthday (next month) gazing at the Northern Lights. 
It's never guaranteed, but our dreams came true and I was left sobbing with joy at the marvel that words simply cannot describe. I feel truly blessed to have shared this adventure with my son.

The whole experience was only made possible when you came to my rescue following the 
break up of Thomas Cook and I want to say a HUGE thank you. I would recommend this adventure to anyone who is prepared to spend time out doors and embrace Finland.  

All the other excursions were tremendous fun and have all got their own story to tell.
We had a wonderful crowd staying in the hotel and many new friendships were made. 
The Hotel did need some TLC, but that said the staff were great and the 'Scottish'. chef was amazing and I'm already missing his porridge. 

We did spend a night in the Igloo and again this wasn't for the faint hearted, but we managed 
2300 hrs - 0630 hrs.  I've never experienced such cold before (I've spent many years skiing) and it was definitely a test of character !!!  I'm very proud of my son who joined me on that night. 

I'll leave you with the footage of the night my dreams came true !! 


Angie Piers-Lawton 

Angie Piers-Lawton 


Can I ask if you could pass on some feedback for me in relation to Caitlin Murphy please?
I was unfortunate in so far as my original booking to Lapland because it was with Thomas Cook and has therefore been cancelled. As you can imagine I was very disappointed and concerned that I would have to let my grand-daughter down as we would not be going to see Santa as planned. 
Caitlin came to the rescue by finding me an alternative trip at an affordable price within about 30 minutes of me speaking to her. She was extremely knowledgeable, professional, friendly, helpful and understanding. By the time I had finished speaking to her I had an alternative trip booked, a very happy wife and an extremely excited grand-daughter. It was painless.
 Please pass on my thanks to Caitlin and, if possible, let her line manager know that they have such a valuable member in their team.
Best regards
John Linnane

John Linnane

Wow! What an amazing trip, thank you!

From the outset, the contact with you was brilliant, personal and friendly. I made a few calls to sort out things, and nothing was ever too much bother. And yes, my fear of ' how do I know where to go when we land at the airport?' which you reassured with 'don't worry, an elf will find you!' was true and made me laugh out loud when it happened.

We had a fabulous time! From elves greeting us at Manchester to the fact that your team constantly entertained the kids (some of whom [not mine I hope!!!] were pretty hard work I noted...). It's the first time my husband and I have felt so confident in those looking after our child that we have taken eyes off and relaxed - so well done to your team! And it didn't stop until we had landed back at Manchester.

Having done it 'a million times' doesn't always mean it is done well in my experience, yet on this trip everything had been thought through to the kind of detail that I love: from making sure that the kids had something to do while the welcome meeting happened, the kids meeting husky puppies for the 10 minutes that the adults needed to listen carefully to the driving instructions for the husky ride, the 'put your "magical ticket" in the outside pocket guidance.

We had an absolutely wonderful time and the smiles haven't faded yet Emoji

Lynsey Macintosh

a truly magical lapland holiday, one which we shall never forget

Dear Lynne

We had been looking at going to Lapland as a surprise for my 5 year old...We stumbled across your website and were thrilled to find a trip which was affordable and included everything. We rang up just to check a couple of things and were even more thrilled when we found a trip leaving from East Midlands at no extra charge. Lynne was excellent and we recommended others who were thinking of going to get in touch with you first! Your company was friendly, helpful and efficient - everything went smoothly.

Right from the outset, we could not fault a single thing. The crew on the plane issued all the kids with reindeer antlers which was a lovely touch and got everyone into the spirit of things. The food on the plane was excellent and the staff were brilliant - nothing was too much trouble - they even had us singing Christmas carols on the way there. When we got to Lapland the 'elves' who were waiting to take us to Santa village were very friendly and extremely efficient to get us on the warm coach quickly.

We got to Santa village and the place was just magical. We were all togged up in our thermals and out playing in the snow within 40 mins of us landing ! Excellent! The magical forest was just wonderful - and it made it even better as they had had 4 inches of fresh snow that morning. My little girl was in her element - as was myself and my wife. The reindeer rides, husky rides and snow mobiles were brilliant!

We had a very nice lunch (kiddie friendly again - burgers, chicken nuggets and chips) and then it was time to meet the main man himself. He was the best looking Santa any of us had seen - really authentic. We then had more time to play in the snow before it was time to leave - to be honest we didn't want to go...we'd had such a fantastic day.

The plane journey home even had us having a full Christmas dinner to round the day off. All I can say is, it was a truly magical day and one which we shall never forget - thank you!

Mark, Jess & Elle Knight

The huskies, reindeer, skidoos, snow, Santa... Everything was just brilliant

First of all, this was the best trip we could ever have imagined, and totally exceeded our expectations. For the record, our kids were 10 and 5.

We booked our holiday through SantaClausTrips - a chap called Brian - and we could not be any more delighted that we followed his advice.

There was apparantly a complaint from a guest the night before we left that the variety of food was poor, and not enough fresh food was available for the kids.

I mean ... wow! Here we are 140km inside the Arctic Circle, with at least a foot of snow covering everywhere across a rather baron land, and somebody was expecting fresh fruit and caviar!

Enough of the nonsense, this was simply brilliant. Ian, the hotel manager, was the most visible of hotel managers, ever! Sue on reception could not have been more helpful. Our Transun rep - Greta - was warming, friendly and bloody helpful.

We stayed in a log cabin, which as we were told, was small, but warm, comfortable, and all that we needed for a 4 night stay in Wonderland. To be frank, we only used it to snooze and sleep in, oh and have the occasional Sauna, but just the romance of staying in a log cabin in Lapland was great. Our photo's are brill.

The excursions that were included in the package ('Sleep in Heavenly Peace' package) were ezceptional, and in hindsight, probably all that we needed. We did book up a couple of extra excursions, but with all the fun available at the hotel, anybody looking to book their holiday for 2011 will probably need to strongly consider whether they book additional excursions or not.

Santa was fab. We all tugged his beard, and he was the real Santa. The private family trip to see Santa is the most amazing family moments to treasure, and completely to die for.

The huskies, the reindeer, the skidoos, the snow, Santa - everything was just brilliant.

From the kids eyes, this was simply perfect and magical all rolled into a 5 day stay!

(Travelled on Heavenly Peace, December 2010)

The Findley Family

without a doubt the most magical experience of our lives

Would just like to be able to tell you that the trip we took on Thursday 21st December was without a doubt the most magical experience of our lives!

It far exceeded my expectations of the trip in every aspect.

The fights were wonderful, food great and we were well looked after. When we arrived at Kittila airport our every need was taken care of and we were issued with all the over clothing we needed, we needn't have taken any ourselves.

Facilities and activities at our Lapland Village were enchanting, the Elves were outstandingly friendly and played with the children all day.

Father Christmas was without a doubt the REAL one, according to my children. They met with him open-mouthed and he in turn certainly gave the impression of being the real thing.

In all we enjoyed a day to remember for the rest of our lives.

It was my daughter Stephanie's 11th birthday on Dec 25th and so she had a birthday present to top all birthday presents!!

Our thanks to all who arranged our once in a lifetime experience,

Sue, Stephanie & George Dafter

A BIG thank you

Dear Shannon 
Thank you for helping me organise our Lapland Holiday and also the case of wine which we have received.  It was great speaking with you. Nothing was too much for you to check and you have been most helpful.  Again, my sincerest thanks for all your assistance to date.  It made organising the trip not at all stressful.  Hopefully the tour operators will be as professional and friendly as you are.
Have a lovely weekend.


The Most Amazing Time

Morning Morag

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you for all your help with booking our Lapland trip that we went on last month. All 3 of us had the most amazing time, memories that will last a lifetime. All your help, tips and advice were great so just wanted to say thank you. 
 I've had lots of people asking who I booked with as they've seen my photos so I've passed your contact details onto about 5 people, telling them how helpful you were, hope that's ok.
 Feel free to forward this email to your line manager/manager so they can see what a great job you are doing. 

Thanks again.


Sarah Arnold

5 star Service

I have just booked my second Lapland trip through Santa Claus Trips. The first trip was amazing from start to finish and I can't rate the customer service high enough. Already having booked out second trip for December 2015, the team have gone above and beyond with their customer service.

We originally booked to fly from Bristol having desperately tried to get seats from Manchester. As we live in the North East Bristol is a long way but we were unable to fly on an alternative with date so booked. A few weeks later after we had booked we were contacted out the blue and asked if we would still like to fly from Manchester as extra seats had become available.

Brian managed to arrange the transfer and it cost us nothing extra. Not many companies would go to that level of customer service when they had already secured your booking. I'm sure this trip will be as amazing as the last,and I can't recommend this company enough!

Mrs White

Thank you

Hi Shannon, 

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thanks so much for all your help yesterday with booking our Lapland trip…..

I hugely appreciated the time you gave to me and the help you gave in finding out the answers to my many varied questions!! :0)

As I said to you when we spoke, I rang a few different companies initially to get details and the reason I came back to you was that you were far and away the friendliest and most professional person I spoke with.  

You gave me inside knowledge about your own experience which helped me decide which trip would suit my family the best but also you were able to advise me and inform me about anything I asked.  I really appreciated the fact that you found out the answers to any questions I did ask very quickly and your communication was brilliant.

I’m absolutely delighted that I’ve booked Lapland for this Christmas - such an exciting magical trip and a huge thanks to you for making the booking process so easy.

Please pass this email on to your manager and I feel in this day and age it really is a delight when someone of your calibre works for a company and I think you should be recognised for this.

Thanks again Shannon


Superb quality service

Good Afternoon Brian,

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to assist me so much with my holiday reservations and with the safaris/trip organisation. I cannot tell you how wonderful it has been to talk to someone who knows so much about the resorts, hotels and trips and really appreciated the benefit of your experience and expertise to advise me on my first trip to Lapland.


Superb quality service, I will recommend your organisation to everyone and all my colleagues at work have been very impressed in your ability to help me and cope with my exacting requirements (for which I am infamous)!
Karen from England. 25/04/12


Karen, England

Santas Magic 2010 was "Awesome"

Hello Brian.

I just had to write to let you know what an absolutely fantastic time we had in Lapland with Santa from the 8th to 10th of December. We did have a bit of a panic when the first snow arrived the week before, wondering if we would be going.

I was convinced that as I had been planning this holiday in my mind and in pictures for the grandchildren, there was nothing going to stop us from going.

It was amazing, the best holiday I have ever had, and congratulations to you and Esprit for making this Granny's dream come true.

The holiday was everything I had hoped for and more. Nothing was too much trouble for the 'reps', who did an amazing job with the children and the grown ups, and some of us who are yet to grow up.... We wanted for nothing all the while we were there.

Thank you for helping me with the arrangements, and even the last minute hiccup with changing from Bristol to Gatwick. Once we arrived at the hotel at Gatwick the excitement was building and my three grandchildren were like bottles of pop, bubbling over with excitement and anticipation.

Thank you sounds so inadequate, in the words of Bethan (the middle one) 'This is awesome, Granny. Thank you for bringing us'. Rhys and Sian made similar comments.......

To me that made it all worthwhile and proving that it was money well spent.

Best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a great start to 2011.

Anne Russell

We just wanted to thank you for a wonderful trip.. Saariselka

Dear Brian,
We just wanted to thank you for a wonderful trip. We went for 3 days/2 nights with our two children aged 6 and 9 and from the minute we boarded the plane everything was wonderful. Everyone was helpful and the flight was full of excited children. The staff at Esprit bent over backwards to help anyone and get us all in the holiday spirit. The accommodation at the Holiday Club was perfect, food good, rooms good, no hassle with check in or getting our thermal suits. It ran like clockwork. If anyone was thinking about going with their children then just do it – it will be a special memory for all the family. The activity day and visit to meet the main man was wonderful – my nine year old said “he’s authentic I really checked out his beard and face and he was the real one!” The husky ride, ice fishing, reindeer ride were all great and the gala dinner rounded it off perfectly. Thank you for a truly magical break.

Josephine Tinworth, and family

Santa's Magic, Thank you for the most wonderful holiday

I'd like to thank every member of staff right from the point of booking the holiday until we arrived back in the UK. Its truly been a magical experience.

Thank you for the most wonderful holiday and to everyone who made it extra special.

Travelled on the Santa's Magic, 3 day trip 2014

Jo Wildsmith

From the moment we stepped on the plane we felt the Christmas spirit

Dear Brian,

I am writing to you regarding our recent trip to Lapland.

From the moment we stepped on the plane we felt the Christmas spirit,with the Christmas music playing and even the pilot getting into the spirit asking all the children to lookout for Santa.

On arrival the staff (reps) from Santas Lapland were very friendly,enthusiastic and helpful. The hotel rooms were basic but clean, modern and most of all warm! The pool provided a great alternative along with the sauna. The food was good and plentiful.

The main day was truly one of the most magical experiences with an abundance of things to do... Plenty of hot drinks to keep you warm.

Riding the huskies was so exciting, feeding the reindeers and ice fishing were all new experiences.

The elves were so much fun they were absolutely bonkers! The children and adults loved them.

The magical sleigh ride was very exciting and special.

The organisation of the day trip and the Gala night was fanastic and ran extremely smoothly.

It's very rare you find a company that delivers everything they promise.

Kindest Regards

Melanie Monckton

Melanie Monckton

what a wonderful time we had in Lapland

Hi Brian,

I just wanted to drop you an email to tell you what a wonderful time we had in Lapland, everything went perfectly, and was out of this world.
Our Santa experience was amazing, my eldest is 9, and she is on the border of still believing, but she was totally taken in, especially when Santa knew she supported Manchester United! :-)

Many thanks again for all your help with our booking!

Greg Bassett and Family, Hetta 2008

My son was speechless when he saw the real Santa in his log cabin

I just wanted to let you know that we had an absolute fantastic time in Lapland (Enontekio) on Saturday 13th December 2014.  Both my husband and I and our 7yr son will treasure the memories for ever.  It was very well organised from the start to finish.  When we arrived in Lapland we went on a bus to go to Winter Wonderland were the scenery was breath taking. On arrival at Winter Wonderland we had a lovely lunch, then we were taken to get suited and booted which again didn't take too long.  We then ventured to the lake were we had a huskie ride followed by a sledge ride to visit Santa.  My son was speechless when he saw the real Santa in his log cabin especially as Santa had already his Christmas list in his hand and my son pulled his real beard!!!.  We were able to spend some time with Santa without being rushed which was a lovely experience.  We then had snow mobile rides, a reindeer ride, then sledging, etc, etc. all well organised.
 After an exhausting day we headed back to the airport with a cuddly reindeer toy which we purchased from the gift shop.  We went straight through customs onto the awaiting plane and headed back to Edinburgh. Our son fell asleep for 2 hours on the way home cuddling his reindeer and as we looked at him we thought how glad we were that we had booked this trip for him.
 I would like to take this opportunity to thank yourself Brian for all the help and advice prior to booking this trip as I know I had asked a lot of questions. This trip has made this Christmas extra special and we will always treasure our experience.


The Lennon Family, 2015

Just to say thank you for our lovely Lapland holiday.

Hi Brian
Just to say thank you for our lovely Lapland holiday.

It was magical to see our grandchildren's faces when the met ''The Real Father Christmas'' it brought tears to our eyes. Everything about the holiday was brilliant, the hotel, food, activities,and the reps were exceptional. We will have lovely memories of our time in Lapland.
The only downside was we had to come home
Thanks again

Travelled on Santa`s Spectacular December `08
Stayed in the Tunturi Type A rooms

William Cooper & Denise Ellis

"I can honestly say it was an amazing experience"

Dear Brian,

Just wanted to drop you a line after returning from 'Santas Delight' on Sunday 10th December to tell you that we had a fantastic time! as the adult in our party of 3 and someone who is well travelled I can honestly say it was an amazing experience . From the moment we popped out of the clouds to land at Ivalo the whole day had a magical feel.

Everything was well organised and the snowmobile safari to see santa was superb when my children saw Santa and he knew their names and had 'their' letters they were just dumbstruck, my 11year old daughter had been told by friends that santa did not exist and she was desperate to believe he did and this was the icing on the cake for her- she definately believes now!
Everyone was very friendly and couldnt do enough to make it a special day. Food was great, activities were great and the kids love the idea that they will be reincarnated as reindeer.

Thank you so very much this was money well spent!!!

Joanne Owen, and Family 2006 Santas Delight

An Enchanting Day

Hi Julie

Thanks to you and Canterbury travel for the most amazing day!! The only problem
is the kids want to go back next year!! Although there were 400 people there it was quiet
with no queuing and very relaxed.Loads of time to do everything in the 5 hours we were there.
We didn't need any of the snacks we'd taken as the inflight breakfast was huge!

We ate in the restaurant at 5 and it was very good and filling.We saw Santa within 5 minutes
of arriving and the childrens' gifts of cuddly animal hats are lovely! Nathan wished he'd opened his before
the coach back so he could have worn it!!

Putting a spare camera battery in my glove worked!

Happy Christmas to you all

kind regards Sue


If there should be any job vacancies amongst the elves...

Hi Rhona,
I've been meaning to contact you ever since we returned from our trip. Thank you so such for a truly wonderful experience- I'll certainly never forget it and neither will the children. It as truly magical and never at any point as anything too much trouble from yourselves right to the elves at Kittila!
I've passed your website round the office,
PS If there should be any job vacancies amongst the elves...

Lindsay Campbell and family

Had wonderful day and intend going back

Dear Marie [of Santa Claus Trips],

Pass on my thanks to Brian [of Santa Claus Trips] for all his help with the booking and to you for these arrangements. Had wonderful day and intend going back 2-3 years when my youngest is older. Lapland was excellent as was the staff there both in attendance and on the flight.

Lynn McKay and her children (day trip in early December)

Sleigh Bell Sleepover Dec 2018

We have just returned from a trip of a lifetime thanks to Santa Claus Trips.  There were 15 of us and we are all very picky but not one of us had a single negative about our once in a lifetime 48 hours in Lapland.  

From the moment that we boarded a coach and drove through the scenic forests of Lapland and felt as if we had a starring role in any Christmas card scene through to the moments spent on sleigh rides – courtesy of the beautiful animals that pulled us; watching my grandchildren entranced by Santa himself; hearing the laughter and seeing the smiles as we travelled on sledges and breath-taking snowmobiles; meeting the huskies on a farm; enjoying the food and, even now, reliving every magical moment, we are so glad to have had this experience.

It was a special occasion for us too as we were celebrating my husband’s 70th birthday.  We were keen but apprehensive because we had no idea of what our trip would yield.  What made it all the more special besides what we saw and what we did was the service and patience of the Santa Claus Trips office staff who must have taken 20 telephone calls asking questions; the Thomas Cook staff – all of them whom we encountered – who genuinely seemed to want to do all they could to make our trip memorable and the wonderful holiday/party/celebratory atmosphere which we all soaked up.

I will be posting my thoughts on Trip Advisor but wanted you and your colleagues to know how we felt.

Best wishes and thanks once again

Carole Edward

We had the most amazing and fantastic day

Dear Brian [of Santa Claus Trips],

I just wanted to write and say that we had the most amazing and fantastic day on Saturday (Dec 10th) in Lapland. My seven year old god daughter was overwhelmed and it was one of the most magical places I have ever visited. I thought it was well worth the money we paid and it was brilliantly organised.

I was very impressed with the organisation there from start to finish and as I say we could not have had a better day it was superb. I know you said you had been before but the place is spotlessly clean and maintained to a very high standard. Everyone there was very helpful and completely accommodating. I think it is the the best present that anyone could give a child.

There is nothing that you could moan about at all from the time we checked in to the time we landed. Thank you very much and my God daughter said on the plane on the way home that she will remember that day as long as she lives and I will as well.

It was brilliantly organised and I would recommend it to anyone in the future and will be recommending they book through you.

N Kessell and her god-daughter (day trip Saturday, 10th December)

the most amazing day, Lapland was wonderful

Dear Brian [of Santa Claus Trips],

I just want to say thanks for the most amazing day, Lapland was wonderful. I cant say thank you enough for all your help with my questions and everything that I wanted to know before I left.

My son had an amazing time and liked the reindeers and huskies best, especially when we nearly fell off the sleigh and hit the tree !!!

The reps were excellent , we had an English rep and also a Lappish one that had excellent local knowledge there wasn't a question that he couldn't answer.

We met Santa and sent some postcards , and went on the ice slides !!!

Everything was planned amazingly well and my little boy had an excellent time. I don't think my son will ever experience anything like it again or myself for that matter !!

Thank you again for making everything so perfect for us , I believe my little boy lived every child's dream at the weekend

I hope you have a very happy Christmas and a wonderful new year.

Kindest Regards

Kirsty Hardman and her son (10th December day trip)

We've just returned from our Santa Trip, it was amazing!

Hi Brian

What can I say? We've just returned from our santa trip, it was amazing!  Thank you so much for your help in booking our trip.

The resort was fab,  the rangers were great - always someone around! And harriets face when she met santa was priceless!

Thank you so much,  we truly had a holiday to remember forever


Lisa, Nige and Harriet

We had a fantastic time in Lapland

Dear Lynne [of Santa Claus Trips],

the staff at Santa Claus Trips were extremely helpful and had obviously been on the trips they were selling. Their experiences of just how cold it really is were very helpful in organising what to take and having first hand knowledge of the accommodation on offer is really comforting as for most people its a first time vcisit..

The kids were amazed at just how powdery and deep the snow was and tobagganing to the shops was a real thrill - and snowmobiles, reindeer and huskies in one morning was a huge highlight. In The first hour they made more snowballs than they had in their entire lives...

Janice Gabriel and her 2 children (Pyhä 3 night short break leaving 21 Dec)

A never to be forgotten experience

Dear All at Santa Claus Trips

Just to let you know what a fantastic time we had on our trip to Lapland (Dec 2016) that we booked with you.

Everything was just wonderful. Our cabin was beautiful. Our hostess, Tina, was lovely. Very friendly, helpful and a good cook! The activity day was brilliant and meeting Santa with our 3 grandchildren was out of this world. Those naughty elves were good too!  The whole thing was a truly wonderful, never to be forgotten experience and we are so glad we did it. 

Thank you for everything. 

Mrs A Rampto

I must say it was one of the best holidays we have ever been on...

Dear Sir,

We have just been on a Santa Break trip booked by Brian  and I must say it was one of the best holidays we have ever been on, it ticked all the boxes and was both magical for our six year old and my husband and I. We would thoroughly recommend the resort of Levi and the Levitunturi Spa Hotel along with Santa excursions. We will defiantly be using Brian and www.santaclaustrips again.

Higgins family

Returned from Santas Magical Experience Levi.

Higgins family