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Located in the far north of Finnish Lapland, Hetta is regarded as a true Lapland location and the perfect place to search for Santa Claus.

What we love about Hetta

  • A true Lapland experience, rustic and traditional
  • Museum of Sami life

Hetta is a resort popular with domestic tourists, but it is a little undiscovered gem for international travellers from outside the Nordic region. In the winter months Hetta is the destination where arctic activity enthusiasts can take part in Ice fishing, husky sledding snowmobiling and visiting traditional reindeer farms for reindeer sleigh safaris.

Close to Enontekio Airport, this sprawling village has only 500 permanent residents and offers a good selection of traditional and rustic accommodation options for tourists, along with easy access to the high tundra arctic plateaus approximately 20km north of the village.

During the winter months Hetta's surroundings consist of acres of snow topped pine forests bordering the shores of the stunning frozen Lake Ounasjärvi.

The seemingly infinite wilderness that surrounds Hetta has been home to the Sámi people for generations and continues to be their home, as they cast their caring glance across the ancient forests, fells and lakes, centuries old custodians of this magnificent landscape. Hetta celebrates its traditional heritage with a small museum depicting the Sámi way of life which is worth a visit.

You will not find any international hotel chains here, only an abundance of traditional, family run businesses with a warm welcome for all.

Some Facts

LanguageFinnish, English
Approx Population800
Time ZoneGMT + 2 Winter
Interesting FactMore than 75 % of the region consists of protected nature preserve

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