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Located in the far north of Finnish Lapland many regard this as the true Lapland and the perfect place to search for Santa Claus.

What we love about Hetta

  • Largely uncommercialised
  • Great hospitality

A quaint village in the far north of Finland, Hetta is a perfect example of a True Lapland experience and a perfect base from which to go in search of the real Father Christmas.

Hetta's surroundings consist of miles of snowcapped forest draped along the side of the stunning frozen Lake Ounasjärvi. The vast wilderness that encircles Hetta has been home to the indigenous Sámi people for generations, and because of this area's lack of commercialisation, many Sámi families are still residents.

The village is largely untouched by foreign influence, so it still retains its traditional Lappish charms with an attractive church which has a distinctive and slender belltower. It even celebrates its traditional heritage with a small museum depicting the Sámi way of life.

Also, because the area is uncommercialised, there are none of the international chain hotels you might find in more crowded Lapland resorts. Instead, there is an abundance of traditional family-run hotels and log cabin villages.

We have hand-selected the best accommodations available to ensure that you have the best Lapland experience, and remember the trip for years to come. 

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Some Facts

LanguageFinnish, English
Approx Population800
Time ZoneGMT + 2 Winter
Interesting FactMore than 75 % of the region consists of protected nature preserve

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