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Ruka, Nature's Own Amusement Park, is open every day of the year but comes alive during winter!

What we love about Ruka

  • Everything!

Ruka is classed as Nature's Own Amusement Park and is open every day of the year. During summer, Ruka is a tranquil town that entices adventurers with hiking, rafting, mountain biking and fishing, but it takes on a completely different shape during winter.

In the colder months you can squeeze the most out of the daylight hours by; riding snowmobiles, taking husky and reindeer safaris or snowshoe hiking through the snowscapes and skiing (there are also flodlit slopes for night skiing).

After sundown you can take part in one of the many relaxing activities that the town has to offer; Kuusamon Tropiikki Spa is at the Holiday Club Hotel perfect way to wind down after an exciting day of searching for Santa. 

However, because of Ruka's abundance of ski facilities, it is quite commercialised, so that is something to consider, but all-in-all Ruka is a fantastic place to enjoy your magical Santa experience. 

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