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Visit Ruka, a popular resort throughout the year which really comes alive during the winter season!

What we love about Ruka

  • Bustling ski resort
  • Expansive surrounding countryside for arctic activities
  • Excellent choice of accommodation

Ruka is often described as nature's own amusement park, open 365 days a year and always offering a wide choice of adventures or experiences. During the summer months a tranquil Ruka is visited by alfresco explorers and campers interested in hiking, rafting, mountain biking and fishing, but during the winter months it takes on a completely alternative identity. Winter brings a different vibe to Ruka and aside from its abundance of ski facilities (it’s the largest ski resort in Finland) you can squeeze the most out of the daylight hours by embarking on snowmobile safaris, trying husky mushing in the wilderness, or enjoying a more sedate pace with a reindeer sleigh safari all of which can be booked in resort. Unlike some of the other smaller resorts that have remained true to their traditional roots, Ruka's wealth of ski facilities have turned its winter persona into quite a commercialised experience, and it can become extremely busy near the slopes. It’s a fantastic resort for those who prefer an eventful, exciting getaway.  Winter adventurers may also take to the vast countryside for a snowshoe adventure or take advantage of the floodlit ski slopes for some night skiing.

However busy Ruka becomes, it is still extends a warm welcome to all its guests and offers a fantastic base from which to enjoy your magical Santa experience. The much less populated surrounding countryside is the perfect setting in which to search for Santa Claus. 

Accommodation In Ruka