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Spend some time in beautiful Kilpisjarvi, about as far north as possible in Finnish Lapland and only a few kilometres from where the borders of Finland, Sweden and Norway meet.


What we love about Kilpisjarvi

  • Remote northerly location
  • Stunning scenery perfect for Arctic activities
  • Perfect viewpoint for the Northern Lights

An area steeped in myths and legends, Kilpisjärvi is located in the far, north-western point of Finland. In terms of size, the village is one of the largest in the region although it has a very small permanent population of approximately 100 residents which is swelled by tourists in the summer and winter months.

The village is shrouded by the shadow of the mighty Saana Fell, arguably the most iconic fell mountain in Lapland, and is located close to the shores of Lake Kilpisjärvi, offering sweeping views of the Arctic tundra and views across to Sweden.

Kilpisjärvi has an oceanic climate affected by its northern location and altitude of over 400 metres above sea level. It is also less than 50 kilometres from the Arctic Ocean. The climate is very arctic, with one of the lowest mean annual temperatures on the European continent. The ground is usually covered in snow from September or October to early June and with patches of snow found on the surrounding fells all year round!

Kilpisjärvi village has a hotel, a school and is home to the most northern research campus of the University of Helsinki. The KAIRA research facility (Kilpisjärvi Atmospheric Imaging Receiver Array), an observatory for atmospheric, near earth and astronomical research is also situated in here. The area is a perfect location for stargazing with the milky way often visible to the naked eye and because of its dark skies and lack of light pollution, the Northern Lights are incredibly vibrant when viewed from this area!

The best-known attractions in Kilpisjärvi are the Saana Fell and the ‘three-country border point’, a monument at the border point of Finland, Sweden and Norway, located about 3km northwest from the tip of Lake Kilpisjärvi.

Home to Finland’s highest fells and with freely roaming herds of reindeer, Kilpisjärvi is an enchanting place which we know you will love as much as we do.


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