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Meet our Lapland Holiday Experts


Lauren Kerr

Hi, I’m Lauren!
Since joining the Santa Claus Trips team, I have been fortunate enough to travel to Luosto, Finland to experience our Magical Interlude trip. I can honestly say, this was one of the best trips I have ever taken. I was able to pArcticipate in so many once-in-a-lifetime activities; husky powered dogsledding, driving a snowmobile over the landscape, riding a sleigh pulled by reindeer and, of course, meeting the main man himself, Santa! As the biggest fan of all things Christmas, I cannot wait to help you and your family find the most magical trip of a lifetime.

Bethney Cook

A real highlight of working in the Santa Claus Trips team is assisting you as you excitedly get ready to embark on one of the most beautiful adventures you will ever experience. Having visited Lapland a few times over the last few years I have developed a keen insight into the most scenic and magical areas of Lapland. Two of my favourite trips have certainly been the Northern Lights Arctic in Karesuando and Santa’s Magic in Saariselkä. Some of my most treasured memories have been created during these trips: driving a husky-drawn sled, taking a midnight snowmobile ride and gazing at the magical Northern Lights. I’d love to share my knowledge on the area, the activities you can experience and anything else you’d like to know while planning one of these unforgettable trips.


Genie Wilson

Working as a member of the team here at Santa Claus Trips, I have had the opportunity to experience the beauty of Lapland for myself during our fabulous trip, Santa’s Magical Experience. Staying in the stunning setting of Levi, I had the chance to view the amazing selection of accommodation available and experience many of the incredible activities on offer. I would be delighted to share my first-hand knowledge with you and help you book your very own once-in-a-lifetime trip to see Santa Claus – a truly unforgettable experience.

Caitlin Murphy

Hi I'm Caitlin! 

Working as a member of the Santa Claus Trips team I have gained a strong knowledge on all things Lapland. I was also fortunate enough to spend a season working in Saariselkä which allowed me to experience the beauty of the surrounding area and all that this wonderful place has to offer. Since then, I have travelled back to Lapland twice and I love it more every time I visit. The thrill of being pulled along by a Husky led sleigh or driving your own snowmobile through the snow-covered forest are experiences you'll never forget and ones you'll want to tell everyone about! I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with you all and to help you plan and book this wonderful once-in-a-lifetime holiday!


Hi, I’m Jane!

I started my career with Santa Claus Trips in January 2017 and in that time I have experienced Santa trips and Arctic Adventures
I fell in love with Lapland very quickly and to this day it is the most beautiful place on earth I have ever visited. My first trip out to Lapland was on the Northern Lights Trip to Karesuando in March 2017. I was lucky enough to experience the Northern Lights on this trip by taking one of the Snowmobile Safaris in the evening! The resort is truly breath-taking, very traditional and secluded. My second trip was on the Lapland Experience Day trip to Pajala in Sweden in December 2018, I took my little boy who was almost 4 at the time and it definitely exceeded my own expectations, people panic is a day is enough especially with such small children, believe me they handle it better than us! It is a day of madness but the memories really are worth it!  Finally, my third trip to Lapland in December 2019 was on the Lapland Rhapsody one of our Luxury trips and wow! This trip cannot be faulted and is worth every penny! The experience is made more magical by the fantastic staff and the elves, they really do not fall out of character. The resort of Pyhan Asteli is truly beautiful, the excursions are longer and everything is just done right!  I have an abundance of experience and LOVE speaking about my time over there, we all do! So please, pick up that phone and let us help you organise your trip of a lifetime!

Morag Reid

Hi, my name is Morag and I joined the Santa Claus Trips team in August 2017.

Since joining I have been lucky enough to experience Magical Interlude in Luosto and Santa’s Aurora in Saariselka. Both trips were incredible, and I would recommend to anyone looking for the full Lapland experience! 
Whilst in Lapland, I have experienced the thrill of driving my own snowmobile to the top of the Kaunispää Mountain in Saariselka and I have been on a Reindeer Sleigh Ride through the Pyha – Luosto National Park as well as many more activities. I have also viewed some of the most beautiful scenery that Lapland has to offer.  I love sharing my experiences with everyone and feel honoured that I get to be part of creating such special memories for new customers. 


Hi I’m Paula.

I am the sales co-ordinator for the Santa Claus Trips team. My love affair with Lapland began 12 years ago and every visit sees me leaving a little bit more of my heart in this magical region. We have an amazing team here at Santa Claus Trips, we are more like family than colleagues, and we will always work together to find you the Lapland break that is perfect for you – collectively we have a wealth of experience about this vast region.
My most recent visit was the small resort of Pyha and I am already planning my return visit. While the Northern Lights have eluded me so far, one of the highlights of my last visit was snowmobiling into the Luosto lowlands (where there is no artificial light at all) and looking upwards to see the Milky Way! Having met the real Santa several times, we are now on first name terms, and I am always delighted when he tells me our customers, adults and children alike, make the top of the good list EVERY single year. That’s got to be a record!
What can you expect from a visit to Lapland? Whether you travel on a once in a lifetime trip to this visually stunning place or whether your first visit opens a new insight in what arctic Lapland can offer you as a return visitor, you will fall in love with the place and its people. You will love the huskies who are as bouncy as they are barky, all they want to do is run and pull their sleds. The beautiful and gentle reindeer are a delight, although there is only one with a red nose (and it’s rumoured to only glow on Christmas Eve). Will you be lucky enough to spot Rudolph in the herd? The scenery is breathtaking, expect to fall in love with the landscape and while there will always be an opportunity to buy a souvenir of your trip to Lapland, the memories you will take home will be the best souvenir of all.