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Santa Claus Trips would like to give special thanks to Cameron and the team over at Cameron McLuckie who spent a number of hours with us advising on our digital marketing content and assisted us in providing the website you see today. Cameron and Joe McLuckie assisted in developing the site with our own content team, providing guidance where appropriate in order to give customer's an unforgettable experience on the site. Thank you Cameron.

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The photographers are:
Raija Lehtonen
Noora Uusitalo - only in lapland
Anna Kaarina Savolainenv
Kimmo Syväri
Vastavalo / Jani Seppanen
Miikka Niemi
Emm - Raija Lehtonen
Markus Thomenius / Vastavalo
Riku Pihlanto
Jussi Hellsten
Jani Karppa
Kisa Siren
Kari Palsila
Uso Haafke
Eve Makinen
Hannes Becker
Veli - Mattivarala

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Images courtesy of

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Freepik, Icons8, Yannick, Rami McMin, SimpleIcon, Daniel Bruce, OCHA, Elegant Themes, Situ Herrera.