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What should I wear?

Our Lapland trips and short breaks will take you well within the Lapland Arctic Circle, so you'll need to wrap up! Lots of warm layers, thermal vests and underwear, waterproof boots, jacket and trousers are a must, as are cosy hats and gloves.

Clothing and How to Dress for your Arctic Experience

Snow falls in Lapland between October and May and it is common to find thick snow cover in December. There is very limited daylight at this time of year as the sun rises around 10:30 and sets around 15:30. The cold will dry out your skin, so it is advisable to take an oil based moisturiser and lip balm to avoid chapping. Please note water based moisturisers will freeze in the cold.

The weather in December and Christmas time is:

Daily max = -12°C, but it can get very cold
Daily min = -40°C !!!

This is how we dress for Lapland:


  • Wooly Hat
  • Balaclava
  • Scarf
  • Oil Based Moisturiser (Hands & Face)


  • Thermal Long Sleeved Vest
  • T-Shirt on Top
  • Fleece Top / Wooly Jumper
  • Winter Jacket for Travelling / If its really cold I put it on under my thermal suit


  • Thermal Long Johns
  • Jogging Bottoms / Track Suit Trousers / Cargo Pants (Not Denim or Cords)


  • 1 pair of thin socks and 1 pair of ski socks on top
  • Winter Shoes for Travelling / Thermal Boots once issued

When it comes to hands you cannot be too careful. You will need to take your own good quality ski gloves or ski mittens, as woollen gloves are not suitable. It is also worthwhile taking some hand warmers as not only do they warm your hands but if kept in with your camera or phone, they will help to stop your batteries running flat quickly.

Over all of this I pull on my Thermal Suit which is normally supplied or hired from the tour company.

"Remember Layers are always best as you can always remove them if your too warm and they need not cost a fortune. I keep an eye out for specials in Aldi and Lidl or even down at my local market."

Following this simple guide will keep you warm and toasty during your Lapland / Arctic Experience.