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One of the snowiest areas in Finland, Kuusamo is a pretty much untouched beautiful wilderness.

What we love about Kuusamo

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Kuusamo is one of the snowiest areas in Finland: the ground is snow-covered for about 200 days a year.

The center of Kuusamo is located approximately 60 km (37 miles) south of the Arctic Circle, thus polar day and night play a major role. The midnight sun lights Kuusamo from 14 to 29 June.

In Kuusamo snow is pretty much guaranteed every winter for a very long period and 80 to 90 cm deep (30 to 35 inches) is the norm. A peculiarity of the winter climate is the so-called crown snow load, as snow, ice, and frost accumulate on tree branches, forming surreal snow sculptures.

Undisturbed forests and lakes and the abundance of food enable some endangered species to thrive in Finland: the Saimaa ringed seal, the flying squirrel, brown bear, wolf, wolverine, lynx, the golden eagle and white-tailed eagle. Many of these species have - sad to say - earlier suffered from persecution, but now the co-existence with humans and these endangered creatures seems to succeed.

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