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One of the snowiest resorts in Finland, Kuusamo is a picture-perfect pristine wilderness.


What we love about Kuusamo

  • Snow, snow and even more snow!
  • A winter wonderland wilderness
  • A great resort for families

Despite its co-ordinates being approximately 60km south of the Arctic Circle, Kuusamo is one of the snowiest areas in Finland with a ground covering of snow for around 200 days each year. In Kuusamo, snow is pretty much guaranteed every winter with depths of up to 90 cm being the norm. A peculiarity of the winter climate is the so-called ‘crown snow load’, as snow, ice, and frost accumulate on tree branches over time, forming surreal snow sculptures. The snow conditions here make the area perfect for all the snow activities our breaks have to offer.

Kuusamo is an area of significance for several endangered species who thrive around the undisturbed forests and lakes in the area. Some of these magnificent creatures such as the Saimaa ringed seal, the flying squirrel, the golden eagle and white-tailed eagle who previously suffered from persecution, are now successfully co-existing with humans in these areas thanks to an abundance of food and the perfect, secluded habitat.


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