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Ylläs is an authentic Lappish village sitting at the foot of seven stunning fells close to the Swedish border. A truly unspoilt winter wonderland awaits you.

What we love about Yllas

  • Traditional resort incorporating 2 Lappish villages and two ski resorts
  • Great viewpoint for the Northern Lights
  • Perfect base for Santa breaks and snow themed activity holidays
  • Home to the Snow Village and Snow Hotel
  • Unspoilt and uncommercialised resort

Ylläs is a small resort within an unspoilt and tranquil location, a perfect place to base yourself for a Santa break or a snow sports holiday. The resort has several cafes, bars, service-oriented slope restaurants and skiing cafés but it is the low-key vibe that Ylläs exudes which makes it a superb area for families. Ylläs is home to two authentic Lappish villages, Äkäslompolo and Ylläsjärvi and two ski resorts, Sport Resort Ylläs on the Ylläsjärvi village side and Ylläs Ski Resort on the Äkäslompolo village side.

The skies above Ylläs, snowfall aside, are exceptionally clear making it a superb spot for viewing the Northern Lights along with the dark skies and absence of light pollution in many areas of the resort. Lapland boasts exceptionally good air quality and the area around the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park officially has the cleanest air in Europe. The national park covers an area of approximately 1020km² and is the third largest national park in Finland.

Despite being one of the smaller resorts, Ylläs encompasses everything necessary for the perfect Lapland getaway offering a large selection of winter activities and safaris, including immersive reindeer, husky and snowmobile safaris. It also plays host to Finland’s longest ski slopes, a network of excellent cross-country trails and offers a selection of accommodation options including a selection of idyllic high-quality log cabins. Visitors fall in love with Ylläs and will return time and time again.

For the snow sports enthusiasts, it is worth noting that one ski pass covers both ski resorts and all the slopes. The services available to skiers on both sides of the fell include equipment rental, ski tuition, slope restaurants, shops and childcare facilities.

The Snow Village incorporating the Snow Hotel is a popular tourist attraction which is built each winter to a different theme using approximately 20 million kilos of snow and 350,000 kilos of clear ice. It is approximately a 25-35 minute transfer depending on which village you are staying in and is recommended as a short excursion (or you can arrange a taxi to the attraction instead).



Some Facts

Traditional VillagesÄkäslompolo and Ylläsjärvi
Ski SlopesHas Finland's longest ski slopes,
Cross Country Ski-ingHuge network of trails
Snow VillageEasy to get to this by taxi

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