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Karesuando is a village separated by the Muonio River's natural border, with half of the village in Finland and the other half in Sweden, resulting in two time zones!  This stunning village, 300km north of the arctic circle, will give you an authentic Lapland experience. 

What we love about Karesuando

  • A true Lappish village
  • Local Gift Shop for Gifts and Snacks
  • Dark Sky areas for Northern Lights Viewing
  • Small Museum on Swedish side of bridge
  • Stunning, unspoilt landscape
  • Border hopping by road bridge into another country and another time zone!

One of the most remote resorts we offer is the village of Karesuando. Sitting approximately 300km above the Arctic Circle, this charming village actually has two names and two locations - Its interesting topology means the village sits in both Finland and Sweden, split down the middle by the natural border of the Muonio River.

In Finland the village is known as Karesuvanto and in Sweden, Karesuando. With an overall population of less than 500, the majority of residents inhabit the Swedish side of the village. You can cross the border via the road bridge which is a short walk from the accommodation we offer into a different country, a different time zone and a different currency – in fact if you are staying over New Year, you can celebrate midnight in both Sweden and Finland on the same night an hour apart!

The village is set on the edge of a vast wilderness with an abundance of nature and sweeping snow covered countryside around you. From the top of Kaarevaara Hill on the Swedish side of the village you have a fantastic view of Sweden and Finland across to Norway and to Pältsa Mountain, part of the Scandinavian Mountain range. Karesuando is also the heart of the homeland of the reindeer-herding Sámi people, who traditionally provide the warm hospitality of true Lapland.

The majestic scenery of the area makes it a pull for visitors all year round with hiking, canoeing, and birdwatching all popular during late spring after the big thaw through to early autumn before the Arctic winter weather returns when a blanket of thick snow shrouds the region making it the perfect location for snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and snowshoe hikes.

Despite its northerly location the influence of the gulf stream can reduce the arctic climate considerably compared with the harsher temperatures of central and southern Lapland however at a sub-zero -9°Centigrade you will still need your protective thermal suits, boots and accessories to remain comfortable and shielded from the cold.

This is a stunning area to visit and perfect for those wanting a more realistic version of Lapland without the commercialisation. Karesuando is as far away as you can possibly imagine from the mass-market resorts.

Accommodation In Karesuando