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Located on both sides of the border between Finland and Sweden and 300Km North of the Arctic Circle Karesuando offers a taste of the true Lapland

What we love about Karesuando

  • In the Arctic Circle
  • Local Gift Shop for Gifts and Snacks
  • Dark Sky areas for Northern Lights Viewing
  • Small Museum on Swedish side of bridge
  • Stunning Scenery

Karesuando is a twin village located on both sides of the border between Sweden and Finland (Karesuvanto) with a population of just over 1,000.

Situated approx 300km north of the Arctic Circle and located amid majestic, undisturbed and imposing scenery, Karesuando is home to Sweden's most northerly church.

The village is set on the edge of a vast wilderness where beauty, nature and wildlife abound. From the hill Kaare-vaara you have a fantastic view of Sweden,Finland, Norway and the mountain Pältsa. It is also at the heart of the homeland of the reindeer-herding Sámi people, who traditionally provide the warm hospitality of True Lapland.

You would think that because Karesuando is so far north that the weather would be quite severe, but  thanks to the Gulf Stream it can reach a balmy -9 degrees celsius, and with less intense winds it feels more comfortable than the south.

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